Easily Tricks to Overcome Bad Breath

Tricks to Overcome Bad Breath
Easily Tricks to Overcome Bad Breath - Halitosis or bad breath is an unpleasant condition that often experienced by some people. Causes of bad breath cases are often found to be caused by bacteria that live in the mouth, especially on the back of the tongue.

The main cause of bad breath are not properly perform oral care, resulting in a buildup of plaque and gum infections. Brushing and flossing can reduce the food for bacteria in the mouth. In addition, some health problems such as indigestion, constipation, throat infections, dry mouth, impaired metabolism and improper diet, can also lead to bad breath.

Not only that, the cause of bad breath can also be influenced by an unhealthy lifestyle, such as drinking alcohol and smoking. Medical conditions, like diabetes, carcinomas (cancers), trimethyaminuria (a rare metabolic disorder), hiatal hernia (lump in the stomach), sinus and swelling of the tonsils can also cause bad breath.

So, what are the tricks easily Overcome Bad Breath?
  1. Consumption of yogurt. Good bacteria in yogurt protect the tongue so that the bacteria that cause bad breath can not be grown there. But do not be careless consumption of plain yogurt. Sugar in the yogurt feeding on the bacteria that create bad breath harder.
  2. Shortage of water in the body causing bad breath. Increase water intake (at least 10-12 glasses per day).
  3. Eat vegetables and fruits rich in fiber and digestive enzymes, such as carrots, celery sticks, cucumber and fresh fruits.
  4. Consumption of citrus fruits, berries, and others are rich in vitamin C.
  5. Use a natural mouth freshener, like saunf (fennel seeds) or cinnamon sticks. Chewing gum flavor and aroma of mint, sugar-free candy or chewing gum is also recommended.
  6. Natural spices such as coriander, mint leaves, cinnamon bark, cloves, and cardamom are also potent fighting bad breath.
  7. Reduce consumption of animal protein.
That was some Easily trick to Overcome Bad Breath, please try to avoid your bad breath, kept your oral health and your confidence increases. If you are interested, please read also the "Foods to Prevent and Treating Bad Breath" and do not forget to leave a comment below and let me know.


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