Foods to Prevent and Treating Bad Breath

Foods to prevent bad breath
Foods to prevent bad breathAre you having problems with bad breath? Bad breath can indeed reduce the confidence and interfere with your communication with others. Need a quick solution to handle it?

Relax, you do not need to bother looking bathroom just to brush your teeth and rinsing after eating, it turns out with these foods; we can have fresh breath all the time.

Here are some foods to prevent bad breath

Green tea, in green tea called catechins-containing active substances that can kill bacteria in the mouth as well as eliminating sugar from the plaque. The bacteria that cause bad breath can also be treating. Drinking green tea every day is recommended to eliminate the odor.

Lemon, slices of lemon on the food when we eat in restaurants is not without reasons. Because the lemon wedges can neutralize bad breath or smell of food that is strong enough. Like the smell of fish or the smell of onions.

Yogurt is a probiotic drink that is good for digestion. If taken every day, beverages or probiotics food can help maintain digestive health. If the digestive system smoothly, bad breath can be inhibited. However, if you have any problems with the hull, yogurt consumption should be limited.

Carrots, at chew foods that contain fiber, will help the mouth produce saliva, which creates a natural mouth cleanser. Many dentists recommend chewing carrots or apples, to reduce bad breath. In addition, fiber is also good for digestive health and helps you on a diet program.

Cinnamon, a new study of the cinnamon-flavored Big Red gum found that cinnamon might contain breath-odor combating abilities. Different from other flavors, cinnamon is not just a cover-up, Wolner tells to WebMD. In fact, he says, an ingredient in the flavoring appears to actually decrease the bacteria in your mouth. The only problem is that sugar gums are bad for your teeth, so stick to sugarless cinnamon-flavored gum instead.

Mint leaves, mint can help eliminate the odor after eating onions or garlic. It commonly used in foods or beverages that can give fresh and delicious aroma effect in the mouth. Apart from mint leaves, you can also use cinnamon if any.

Warm water, the final way but powerful enough to reduce bad breath by drinking warm water. Because by drinking warm water can stimulate saliva properly. By rinsing with warm water can take off dirt and melting fat from between the teeth that cause bad breath.

So, that was some kind of food to prevent bad breath. I hopefully can help and improve yourself confidence. If you are interested, please see also natural remedies for body odor. Please leave a comment below.


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