Healthy Beverage and Drink Recipes

Health benefits of ginger tea  -  We all are familiar with the ginger. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and efficacy of ginger. Ginger can stimulate the digestive glands, either to arouse appetite and digestion.

Drink that can relieve stressYour use of the sedative and supplements to relieve stress, there is a good idea to try a natural way. Here are five drinks that can be enjoyed as a stress reliever.

Low carbohydrate breakfast menuA cup of strawberries, one cup of skim milk and one tablespoon of soy flour low-carb is all you need to make the delicious strawberry smoothie.

Green Tea Health BenefitsThe habit of drinking green tea turned out to have so many benefits for our bodies. Drinking green tea can help the process of burning calories so that they can lose weight.

Benefits of coconut water for healthCoconut water is more nutritious than whole milk because it contains no cholesterol and low fat.

Drinking Alcohol And Health Benefit Alcohol is actually good for our health. Of course good if alcohol is taken correctly. Then, what's the alcohol health benefits? How much should be consumed?

Benefits of milk to prevent breast cancer and vaginal healthAlmost all of the nutrients contained in milk of good quality. Protein and milk fat has properties that are easily digested.

Health benefits of lime juiceThere are many lime juice health benefits may not yet be known. So, lets learn more about the health benefits of lime juice.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, I didn't know that hot chocolate is good for my health! I thought it is quite rich in calories and actually harmful, but now it is in my list of guilt-free foods :)
Lesley, crossword puzzle maker

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