Brain Foods to Help You Focus

Brain foods to help you focus
Brain foods to help you focus - Do you often have problems with memory? Such as trouble to remembering something or concentrating on work? There are several factors that can affect our memory and concentration. Anemia is one cause, or maybe you have a shortage of nutrients to the brain.

According to The Franklin Institute, the brain cells need twice the energy of the other cells in the body. Proper nutrition is very important for maintaining brain function and mental abilities, such as focus, memory and concentration. To help you stay focused, you need a diet rich in iron, B vitamins folate, complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.

Foods That Help You Sleep Better

Foods that help you sleep better
Foods that help you sleep better  - Sleep is the best rest and sleep quality is the key to be able to think clearly and feel relaxed. Sleep deprived can cause fatigue and interfere with physical health. Minimum adult sleep requirement of at least about 6 to 7 hours per day.

You want to have a quality and quiet sleep ? Here are 6 foods that make you sleep better and avoid insomnia. But, consume these foods 1 - 2 hours before you sleep, because by taking it exactly as you want to sleep will make you more awake because of increased blood flow to the digestive system.


Properties of Dates (Palm Fruit) and Health benefits

Properties of Dates (Palm Fruit) and Health benefits
Properties of Dates (Palm Fruit) and Health benefits - Fresh dates have soft fibrous flesh and very sweet taste, like sugar and honey syrup mixture. Palm fruit contains simple sugars such as fructose and dextrose that are easily digested and quickly recharge the body's energy. That’s why, dates are good for start fasting.


The Best Food to Recovery from Bulimia

Food to Recovery from Bulimia
The best food to recovery from bulimia - Bulimia disease similar to anorexia, kinds of eating disorders. If anorexia is loss of appetite then bulimia have a big appetite and excessive, but after that the sufferer spat it out.

Bulimia disease can be triggered by two things, physical and psychological. Physically, the body was no longer able to accommodate certain amounts of food, this is usually due to genetic factors or traumatic.
Psychological factor usually because too much think about it body weight, so they feel the need to regurgitate the food back. Healing period after a person has bulimia must be supported by a full-quality food intake. Here's some food to recovery from bulimia:


High Nutritious Snacks for Pregnant Women

Snacks for pregnant women
High nutritious snacks for pregnant women. Pregnant women do need good nutrition for the health of the fetus. During pregnancy, mom usually prefer to eat snack than main meal. But often the snacks consumed by pregnant women has no nutritional value, so it will only add fat to the body.

Here are some of optional snacks to consumed by pregnant women due to have a high nutritional value, good nutrition and rich in benefits for the fetus.
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