Rodent Tuber, Natural Medicine for Cancer

Rodent tuber benefits for cancer
Rodent tuber, natural medicine for cancer - Rodent tuber (Typhonium flagelliforme) is a plant that has white tuber, triangular-shaped leaves, and crown-shaped flowers like long slender white rats. A kind of taro plants that can reach as high as 30 cm, grows wild in Southeast Asia to southern India and Sri Lanka. 

Among the general public, the less toxic taro is traditionally used to reduce inflammation, cough, and especially for the treatment of cancer. How to beneficiaries is to make juice from fresh tubers, mixed with honey to be consumed as a beverage. There are also other practices in which the leaves are eaten as raw vegetables. 


7 Health Benefits of Black Cumin (Habbatussauda)

health Benefits of Black Cumin
health Benefits of Black Cumin (Habbatussauda) - Habbatussauda or black cumin is very effective to help the healing process of various diseases and maintain a healthy body. The elements within it work on systems without disrupting the body's natural balance, so it does not cause side effects. In addition, black cumin benefits not only to cure existing disease, but also helps the body form a resistance to diseases and other disorders in the future.
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