Remove Tartar and Plaque with Tamarind Seeds


Remove tartar with tamarind seeds
Remove tartar and plaque with tamarind seedsPerhaps for those of you who are heavy smokers, former nicotine that stuck in your teeth is enough to make you less confident, but already brush and clean your teeth regularly.

Tartar and plaque can be caused by several factors such as lack of dental and oral hygiene. Frequent consumption of drinks can provide a stain on the teeth such as tea, coffee and soda. Smoking, nicotine content contained in them can make your teeth brown, crusty, which eventually fall out.

If the issue started to bother you, there is an easy and powerful way to remove the tartar and plaque with tamarin seeds. The use of tamarind seeds on the teeth can be trusted to help you to clean your teeth from the rest / former nicotine stick on your teeth.

How to remove tartar and plaque with tamarind seeds?

remove plaque with tamarind seeds

Take the tamarind seeds to taste, fried / roasted tamarind seeds without the use of cooking oil until charred, then mash until smooth and brush your teeth with a cloth or with a toothbrush.

That was how to remove tartar and plaque with tamarind seeds. If you are interested, please read also about Foods Prevent Bad Breath Treating and do not forget to leave your comments below.


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