Food & Beverage to Prevent Breast Cancer

Food & Beverage to prevent breast cancer - According to a survey, one in 10 women will develop breast cancer, caused by modern lifestyles. To prevent and avoid it, start getting used to maintain breast health by eating healthy foods and beverages.

Keeping the breast in order to stay healthy is not difficult. Simply, by eating these five foods rich in nutrients, then you will get a healthy breast. As quoted from eatingwell, here's food and drink that are essential to maintain the health of your breasts.

So, What Food & Beverage to Prevent Breast Cancer?

Olive oil. Researchers in Barcelona conducted experiments on mice with breast cancer. The mice were given a fat contained in olive oil. Of the experiment, researchers found that olive oil contains antioxidants and oleic acid can decrease the risk of malignant cancer cells.

Broccoli. According to research from the University of Michigan, Sulforafana, which compounds in broccoli can reduce the number of breast cancer stem cells (which cause the spread and recurrence of cancer) in mice. The researchers also suggested that eating raw broccoli, for cooking or boiling them will only make the content Sulforafana damaged.

Food & Beverage to Prevent Breast CancerCoffee. The experts from the Karolinska Institute found that a woman who likes to drink coffee at a lower risk of breast cancer than women who rarely drink caffeinated beverages are high. This study has been published in the journal Breast Cancer Research. The research found that high levels of coffee intake per day is closely related to the decreased risk of breast cancer or estrogen-receptor negative impact on women. 

Salmon, sardines and tuna fish. Regularly consume fish oil supplements for a minimum of 10 years can reduce the risk of ductal carcinoma - the most common type of breast cancer - according to research conducted by the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. Omega-3 fats contained in fish oils are believed to reduce inflammation that can cause breast cancer. You can also replace it by eating 8 ounces of fish (salmon, sardines and tuna) in a week. 

Parsley. Scientists from the University of Missouri found that parsley can inhibit cancer cell growth. Animals fed apigenin - a compound in parsley and celery - can encourage the body's defense against tumors and cancer. Health experts recommend that sprinkle chopped parsley on your daily diet.

So, that was 5 Food & Beverage to prevent breast cancer, keep your breast health. Previously, I've discussed about the Benefits of Milk to Prevent Breast Cancer and Vaginal Health. Please leave your comment below and let me know.


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