Benefits of Milk to Prevent Breast Cancer and Vaginal Health


Benefits of milk for women health
Benefits of milk to prevent breast cancer and vaginal healthBenefit of milk is no doubt. Almost all of the nutrients contained in milk of good quality. Protein and milk fat has properties that are easily digested. Vitamin and mineral content of milk is also relatively complete.

Milk can Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Hjartäker together with colleagues from the Institute of Community Medicine, University of Tromso, Norway, through its publication in the International Journal of Cancer, show that consuming three or more glasses of milk every day can reduce the risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women.

Through the Norwegian cohort study Women and Cancer Study, they studied 48,844 women for six years and two months. Consumption of milk is measured by sending the form to the respondent a history of food consumption. During this period, the team Hjartäker found 317 cases of breast cancer patients.

It turned out that the consumption of milk since childhood negatively associated with the incidence of breast cancer when they were aged 34-39 years (premenopausal). That means that the consumption of milk since childhood may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

milk prevent breast cancer

Benefits of Milk for the Vagina Health

Many factors that cause an imbalance of the vaginal ecosystem, ie oral contraceptives, diabetes mellitus (diabetes), use of antibiotics, menstrual blood, seminal fluid, spraying the liquid into the vagina (douching) and hormonal disorders (puberty, menopause or pregnancy).

Many methods are used to make the vagina remain in prime condition. Some women doing therapy, wash with water betel or diligent washing with an antiseptic. Is it true that step?

It turned out that the use of betel leaf boiled water or an antiseptic solution for intimate areas of women is not recommended. Why? The reason is both are bactericide can kill all microbes, regardless of the good bacteria (normal flora of the vagina) or bacterial pathogens (disadvantageous). If this goes on and on, not the healthy condition, we obtained the area intimately, but even otherwise, there could be an infection. Of course you do not want it.

Benefits of Milk for the Vagina Health
Thus, maintaining the balance of the vaginal ecosystem is the most natural and effective in treating vaginal health and preventing the onset of infection. How? We recommend that you read any further; A clinical trial conducted in the cytology clinic RSCM proves the health benefits of milk extract of the vagina. Milk? Has it occurred to you?

Apparently, milk contains active substances are extracted into lactic acid and Lactoserum which are clinically proven to reduce complaints of itching, burning and vaginal discharge in the vagina.

From the results of clinical trials concluded that lactic acid and Lactoserum beneficial because it reduces complaints of vaginal discharge and inhibit the growth of Fungus (candida) and Dermatophytes (fungi).

So, how to get the milk extract of lactic acid and Lactoserum? Whether to do the fermentation first? Of course, it doesn’t need. In the market has been sold cleaning liquid milk-based womanhood. You just need to be carefully chosen. It should consult with your doctor or pharmacist before purchasing.

That's the benefits of milk to prevent breast cancer and vaginal health. Still keep the cleanliness and health of your crown of womanhood, and please leave a comment below.


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