Salmon Nutrition and Health Benefits

Salmon Nutrition facts
Salmon Nutrition and Health Benefits - How many of you that knows Salmon and usefulness? Perhaps most of you answered "I know". However, did you know that salmon can educate the brain and strengthens memory? It seems not too much to know about it.

Fish that are born in fresh water it contains omega-3 in which there are DHA and EPA. Substances contained in this Salmon helps the human brain, especially in the growth and brain function.

This essential fatty acid deficiency will make the brain neuron cells will suffer from lack of energy for the process of brain development. Neuron cell wall formation process is not perfect due to the lack of omega-3 makes cells unable to accommodate loads as normal neuronal cell components. And this is very dangerous for those who are pregnant because neuronal cells will experience a lot of leakage causing bleeding. When that happens, it will make the brain cells to die quickly and do not work.

It appears from various studies linking health benefits of fish with the heart showed that the type of animal is really friendly to the heart organ. Until recently, it has more than 5,000 research publications in the world are reporting benefits to heart health.

Salmon health benefits

One of the oldest studies was conducted two Danish researchers in 1970. They found low Eskimo's deaths from coronary heart disease (CHD) even though they consume a lot of high-fat foods. The secret behind the fact is that the Eskimos were in the habit of eating the flesh of fish.

What exactly is contained fish until he is so nutritious? Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that play a role in protecting the heart. Fish can lower cholesterol in the blood, improves the function of blood vessel walls, lowers blood pressure, prevent blood clotting, and is necessary for brain formation.

Besides salmon are known as food for the brain also has efficacy as food to maintain healthy skin. Salmon can treat the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin and maintaining healthy skin appearance.

Why Salmon? Salmon is a fish rich in omega-3 unsaturated fats can reduce the production of particles that cause inflammation in the body that can damage the skin. If you cannot eat salmon, try some other marine fish such as herring, fish and other freshwater fish that provide the same anti-inflammatory benefits.

health benefits of Salmon
salmon benefits for healthy diet

All the positive content will not get if we choose the wrong fish. Not any kind, but one chose the fish are not fresh or wrong in the processing. The researchers did not describe the type of fish that provide the best efficacy. However, salmon is believed have omega 3 content been high enough. Various ways of processing are actually good for the fish.

However, cooking with fried or grilled with a butter spread will increase the fat content so it is not advisable to be too often consumed. Cooking oil which will reduce the levels of omega -3 so, the heart-protective effect is also reduced. Therefore, if you can choose grilled or broiled fish, why not?

That's all about salmon nutrient and health benefits. Are you interested?


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