Olive Oil to Lower Cholesterol Levels


Olive oil lower cholesterol levels
Olive oil lower cholesterol levels and beneficial for health - Who don’t know olive oil? Well, in addition to adding the smell of cooking, this oil is also very good for lowering cholesterol levels. Actually, what are the benefits of olive oil? Let's take a closer.

In general, olive oil extracted from two kinds of olives. That is the black and green fruit. What's the difference? Other than color, certainly all the olives contain a lot of polyphenols.

How can Olive oil lower cholesterol levels?

According to The Institute of Food Research, Polyphenols are secondary metabolites that are present in the majority of plants and plant foods.  The flavonoids are the dominant class of dietary polyphenols and have received considerable attention due to their potent antioxidant activities and their potential to protect against cell / tissue damage and inhibit disease progression in animal models.

Olive oil lower cholesterol levels

Vegetable oil, corn oil, soybean oil and the famous sound and still less when compared with olive oil. People know that the oil had lower bad cholesterol. They do not know is this oil also lowers the good cholesterol. Compare with the olive oil that raise HDL but lower LDL.

Extra-virgin olive Oil has a fairly high content of polyphenols. One liter of olive oil contained about 200-800ml of polyphenols. However, still less with olive leaf extract containing 6360-8190 ml per liter. Polyphenols are also found in grapes, apples, oranges and tea. Rosella's tea has very high polyphenol content.

Olive oil not only be used for aroma therapy, but it could be to keep some important things that needed for women. You could say the full benefits of this oil, but can give the impression of eternal youth, this oil is also able to restore the rough condition of the skin becomes smooth again. So, you can overcome skin problem with this oil.
Olive oil benefits for health
Your hair feels rough, branched or dull? All can be overcome with olive oil. The way is by applying olive oil on the hair roots to the tips of the hair, then wrap in a towel and let stand for 30 minutes.

For hair that is problematic, can be overcome by mixing a half-cup of olive oil with one beaten egg, then pour on the hair, wrap with plastic cover, let stand for 30 minutes then rinse with clean water (can also add shampoo if it still feels sticky ). Do this treatment once a week to get maximum results.

That's some clarification on olive oil lowers cholesterol levels and beneficial to health, may be useful for you and please leave a comment.


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