Drink That Can Reduce & Relieve Stress

Drink that can relieve stress
Drink that can relieve stress - When stuck with a routine workplace and bustle of day to day life, stress to easily arise. Stress as well relates to the quality of your work. Difficulty focusing, prostration and the work is not resolved a problem when stressed.

Stress is the body's reaction to situations that appear dangerous or difficult. Stress causes the body to produce the adrenaline hormones that work to defend itself. Stress is part of human life. Mild stress is useful and can spur people to think and try harder to think and seek faster and harder so that it can meet the challenges of everyday life. Mild stress can stimulate and provide a sense more passion in life is usually boring and routine. Even so, too much stress and sustained, if not addressed, would be harmful to health.

Your use of the sedative and supplements to relieve stress, there is a good idea to try a natural way. Here are five drinks that can be enjoyed as a stress reliever.
  1. Warm Milk, a study from University College London, UK, proved that drinking milk every day good to reduced hormone cortisol. When you feel tired and bored, draught a glass of warm milk. The substance of tryptophan in milk can help the process of metabolism to be functioning as serotonin improves mood. The content of calcium, magnesium and potassium can also lower stress levels.
  2. Hot chocolate, warm drinks will increase body temperature, so that the body is more comfortable. Substances in chocolate can also make a more stable mood.
  3. Black tea, change the routine of drinking coffee with black tea. A study from University College London, UK, showed that drinking black tea four times a day for six weeks reduced hormone Cortisol.
  4. Green tea contains Theanin, which enhances relaxation in the brain. This raises the alpha waves that factor a calming effect and reduce the beta waves that create feelings of distress.
  5. Cold water can also be used to reduce stress. However, after drinking, make sure you go to outdoors and breathe fresh air. Water will move in the blood, and the fresh air stimulates the production of endorphin's hormones that lower stress.
Those were five drinks that can relieve stress, hopefully this article useful. Please leave a comment below.


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