Soursop (Graviola) benefits for anti-cancer other diseases

Soursop benefits for cancer
Soursop benefits for cancer and other diseases - Really, soursop can cure cancer? Soursop fruit is one of the wonders of nature lately become the talk of the world of medicine. The fruit of many names is believed to have a power of 10 thousand times greater than other cancer treatments. There is no mention Soursop with Graviola, and often also called Guyabano. scientific name of soursop is Annona muricata from family Annonaceae.

Soursop benefits for cancer

All of that came from research at Purdue University, United States, who proved the soursop fruit is effective at killing cancer cells. Unfortunately, the results of the study cannot be released to the public. It seems they want to take advantage of the research. Understandably, the funds spent on research considered to be very big.

Speaking of the greatness of soursop fruit or guyabano fruit, in fact, has long been reported research institutions in the US. Health Sciences Institute, USA, in early 2000 revealed that the Spanish called the fruit of graviola has the ability as a natural killer of cancer cells, even up to 10 thousand times stronger than chemotherapy that uses chemicals.

Health Sciences Research Institute is taken based on the habits of the Indians, who live in the Amazon jungle. Some parts of the tree, like bark, roots, leaves, fruit pulp, and seeds, for centuries used as medicine by tribal people. Graviola or soursop was believed by Amazonian society as a drug to heart disease, asthma, impaired liver function (liver), and rheumatism.

benefit of soursop for health
Efficacy of soursop fruit provides anti-tumor effect / cancer is very strong and medically proven cure all types of cancer. In addition to cure cancer, soursop fruit also acts as an anti-bacterial, anti fungal (fungi), effective for various types of parasites/ worms, lowering high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous systems that are less good.

In Asia, a similar study conducted in South Korea. A study published in the Journal of Natural Products states. A study conducted at Catholic University in South Korea said that one of the chemical elements named annonaceous acetogenin, contained in graviola, able to select, distinguish, and kill cancer cells that develop in the colon.

Another benefit of soursop for health

Soursop fruit is also believed to prevent and treat some types of diseases such as:
  • Reduce the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI). High content of vitamin c in soursop increases the acidity of urine, so reducing the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • High fiber content in soursop fruit can prevent intestinal problems and overcome constipation. The fruit is also consumed as a menu fit your diet.
  • Soursop provide intake of thiamin and vitamin B in your body and convert sugar into energy.
  • Increase good cholesterol, niacin content contained in soursop can improve HDL levels.
  • If you have frequent migraines, eating soursop is very good to meet the needs of riboflavin in the body that helps prevent migraines.
Soursop health benefits for women

In addition to treating cancer, soursop fruit is also efficacious for the women. Soursop can prevent retention of water on a monthly cycle with high magnesium content. Symptoms of anemia that is often experienced by women during menstrual periods can also be overcome by consuming this fruit. Magnesium produces red blood cells whose function is to distribute oxygen throughout the body.

graviola benefits for cancer
soursop benefits for cancer cure

In pregnancy, folic acid deficiency can lead to miscarriage and birth defects. By eating the fruit soursop/ guyabano fruit, the need for adequate folic acid may reduce the risk of pregnancy complications.

That's all about soursop benefits for cancer and other diseases. Highly recommended for consumption within reasonable limits due to the high-sugar content in soursop fruit can contribute to the development of Parkinson's disease. What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know.


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