Nutrition facts and Health Benefits of Soy Milk

Nutrition facts soy milk
Nutrition facts and health benefits of soy milk - Soy beans long been has known as one of the foods that have very high levels of vegetable protein. Not only that, particularly soybeans that have been processed into soy milk turned out to have a nutrient content that is not lost, even a kind of content is far better when compared with regular cow's milk and infant formula.

According to research conducted by some nutrition experts, soy milk is highly recommended to be used as a substitute milk formula for babies over 4 months since proven to be safer than bad bacteria that can cause health problems in infants.

Soy milk nutrition facts and health benefits

Protein contained in soy milk is composed of amino acids such as lecithin, arginine, lysine, glycine, niacin, leucine, isoleucine, trionin, tryptophan, fenillalanin. Serves to boost immunity, repair damaged tissue, keeping the body growth.

Carbohydrates and Fats act as a source of energy and the source of good fats in the body.

Fiber is very good for improving digestion and disposal of food.

Vitamin A is useful for maintaining eyes health, smooth the process of reproduction and the nervous system of the body.

Vitamin B1 and B2 serves to provoke reactions and processes needed and the body of vitamin B2 as a pigment in cow's milk and soy milk.

Vitamin E prevents skin cancer, skin wrinkles, helps the process of menstruation, preventing impotence, treat cardiovascular (heart disease), and antioxidants.

Minerals as an addition to the strength of the bone structure of teeth, nails, as well as the immune system against disease.

health benefits of soy milk
Nutrition facts and health benefits of soy milk

Polysaccharides, studies in humans showed that the polysaccharide contained in soy can suppress postpandrial glucose and triglycerides, and lower insulin-glucose ratio postpandrial (after eating). This proves that the content of polysaccharides in soybean capable of controlling the excess blood sugar levels in the body. Diabetes Mellitus arise as a result of the lack of a functioning or impaired function of insulin, so blood sugar rises to far exceed normal limits. Soy milk intake can help control blood sugar levels that exceed the normal limits, so it helps control the symptoms of this sugar.

Isoflavones as miraculous substance contained in soy milk, is useful to improve resistance to disease. Good cholesterol (HDL), bad cholesterol in the body that cause there is calcification of blood vessels. Then the HDL or good cholesterol in soy milk could prevent liming with fighting bad cholesterol.

Calcium in soy milk work to strengthen bones, regulated muscle function, relieves blood pressure and control the fatty acids in the intestine.

That's all the nutrition facts and health benefits of soy milk. You can make soy milk is rich in nutrition and nutrition as a beverage choice to replace soda, soft drinks, or alcohol. What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment and let me know.


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