Diet Tips: Super Foods for Your Healthy Diet

Super Foods for Healthy Diet
List of 12 Super Foods for Your Healthy Diet - Twelve foods below are often touted as 'Super foods'. All these foods have beneficial nutrients to build bones, prevent chronic disease, maintaining eye health and even improve memory.

However, some studies have shown. These foods also help keep your body ideal and while reducing excess body weight.

List of super foods to your healthy diet

Black Soybean, a cup of black soybean can serve the needs of 15 grams of protein. Black soybeans contain no saturated fat commonly found in other protein sources, such as red meat.

Bananas make the list because of their beneficial nutrients as well as high potassium content. They also contain a healthy dose of vitamin B6. And the most important is because high stomach acid can be neutralized if you consume bananas. The problem is often caused by a wrong diet pattern. Serve a glass of liquid milk laced bananas to neutralize stomach acid.

Wheat are rich in fiber, one serving of wheat will make food lovers satiety throughout the day, thereby reducing the desire to eat. Do not be concerned about the shortage of nutrients, because one cup resistant wheat starch-containing carbohydrates, healthy type of carbohydrate that can increase metabolism and burn fat.

Salmon, protein from fish help us feel full without adding fat. Salmon is a healthy source of protein than red meat. The study found that by eating foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids can reduce weight by 9 pounds.

Olive oil is one type of oil that’s acceptable to include to your diet in control. It’s a good suggestion to keep in mind that a bit goes a long way. Olive oil can lower bad cholesterol levels, and it also includes a healthy amount of antioxidants. Use olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar for salad dressing, alternatively of the creamy material.

Avocado, there is no reason to avoid eating fat, as long as it's a healthy fat. Oleic acid, unsaturated fatty compounds in the avocado fruit, can suppress hunger. Eating half slices of avocado will meet the needs of daily fat food lovers without making the body fat. Fruit with a sense of 'creamy' is also rich in fiber and protein.

Broccoli, cooked or eaten raw, this delicious green vegetable is believed to be effective in preventing cancer. Besides, broccoli is a vegetable that rich in fiber, which only has 30 calories, so it's also good to prevent the problem of obesity.

Yogurt is a super healthy way of getting your dairy intake for the day. In addition to being an excellent source of calcium, yogurt has also been known to improve your bowel health overall. Yogurt can help with regulating the digestive system.

Dark Chocolate is generally the shocker on the super foods list. Dark chocolate can be delicious and profitable to your health. Dark chocolate, in little entireties each day, can lower your blood pressure, and it also includes antioxidants.

Red bean are rich in protein and fiber, complex carbohydrates as well. You just need to consume a half-cup of beans per day, to cut excess body weight.

Pear can meet daily fiber needs about 15 percent. A study showed that women who ate three pears a day getting fewer calories and lose weight more effectively than those who do not eat pears at all. Do not peel the skin of a pear when eating it, because it's where the source of the fiber originated. However, remember to wash them thoroughly before eating.

Red rice is a complex carbohydrate that produces high energy levels. In addition suitable to maintain stamina during exercise, the effect of fattening the body is also smaller. One study found that women who regularly eat carbohydrates (white rice, white flour) gain weight three times greater in the period of six years, compared with women who diet with complex carbohydrates.

That's all 12 super foods for your healthy diet, you may alsp read about foods to brighter skin color. Feel free to leave your comments.


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