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Drinking Alcohol And Health Benefits - Alcoholic beverages often connoted with the bad things, like get drunk and lose consciousness. The content of alcohol in liquor can be brought to realize the bad influence. In addition to the process of making some kind of alcoholic beverages, which are considered less sterile and pose a risk to health.

However, alcohol is actually good for our health. Of course good if alcohol is taken correctly. Then, what's the alcohol health benefits? How much should be consumed?

Alcohol Beverages And Health Benefits


Drinking Alcohol And Health Benefits
Beer is the third popular beverage in the world after water and tea. Consumed since 5000 years ago, the beer is made generally made from fermented wheat can reduce the risk of heart disease. While the low-alcoholic beer can be used as an anti-cancer if taken regularly. One and a half glasses of beer per day may improve insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of diabetes and kidney stones. In addition, the protein in beer to protect the brain or the threat of Alzheimer's and breast cancer attacks in women.


Alcoholic beverages that one is derived from grapes and often become icons in romantic films. With a glass of wine per day limit, Food lovers can reap a million benefits of wine. For women, wine can raise levels of estrogen, which slows bone loss and reduces the risk of dying prematurely by up to 33%. As for the men, wine can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. For our bodies, wines capable of facing the disease of our body such as stroke, kidney stones, coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancers of the upper gastrointestinal tract.


This drink is likely to be a friend to women. How not, it has some benefits can beautify their skin of the face and body. To shrink pores can put enough vodka in cotton and slapped his face. As for you who have dandruff problem, can mix a few shots of vodka in a bottle of shampoo. And the last is to soften the feet and hands. Before pedicure and manicure, just mix the vodka into the warm water and soak your feet.

Whisky was originally used for medicine by the end of the 14th century and later referred to as the water of life. A shot of whiskey contains more Ellagic Acid than red wine is useful for reducing cancer. Free radicals can disrupt the structure of DNA so that cancer cells would be replaced naturally.

It was right when they attacked a number of diseases due to consumption of alcohol. Even so, with a careful and wise consumption, health and pleasure can we taste at a times. Of course, you also need to avoid dependence on alcohol.

That’s all about drinking alcohol and health benefits. Perhaps, there is an agreed and did not, so what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.


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