Healthy Fruits: Health Benefits of Lime Juice

Health benefits of lime juice
Health benefits of lime juice - Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) has been known since long as the plant is rich in benefits. The fruit taste bitter, sour and slightly cold, but the benefits are extremely diverse.

Lime contains limonene and linalool oils, flavonoids as well, such as poncirin, hesperidine, rhoifolin and naringin. The content of the ripe fruit is Synephrine and N-methyltyramine, in addition to citric acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A, B1, and C. Citric acid could prevent postoperative recurrence in patients with kidney stones.

There are many lime juice health benefits may not yet be known. So, lets learn more about the health benefits of lime juice.

So, what are the health benefits of lime juice?

Stopping smoking, Sip a slice of lime, this will encourage the desire to drink a glass of water, so will also help with the washing of accumulated nicotine in the body. Lime juice will as well help meet the shortage of gastric acid in the digestion of food.

Eliminates calluses, calluses (thickening of the skin on the leg horn) can be removed by rubbing the fresh lime slices throughout the affected part of calluses. Then let the lime slices to accumulate in the place all night. Repeat such work until the calluses disappears by itself.

Reduce fever, if a family sudden fever and difficult to call a doctor, can try it to compress. Lime juice, whiting water, and about a tablespoon of coconut oil and stir well after the thick, rubbed on the crown of the head. Then tuck a handkerchief or small towel that has been in the dye in the liquid.

Anti-motion sickness, squeeze the lime juice, add the cold water (no hot water). So easy to drink, add a little sugar. Before leaving to travel across, drink lime juice to taste. This will help us avoid a hangover on the trip. If traveling in a long time (in days) drinking orange juice can be on repeat every 6-10 hours.

Lime juice health benefits

Eliminates body odor, unpleasant armpit odor is really very troublesome, the more so if we're sweating. To treat it, try a medicinal herb which consisted of: betel leaf 1 / 2 tablespoon mixed with lime juice so that it becomes a liquid such as paint. How to wear it; after bathing rubs the armpits with the potion. Wait until dry, and then put on clothes. By eating enough of papaya fruit every day, it also helps to eliminate the smell of sweat. Even eliminate altogether.

Eliminates fatigue, tiredness could hurt businesses and jobs. To be more excited and active in working to achieve a sense of need to expel. How can the drinking herbal concoction that consists of? 1 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons lime juice, 1 teaspoon pepper, 1 ounce of the grated ginger and lemon water taken alone. This herb is in each drink 2x a week.

Lime juice eliminates body odor
Relieve throat pains, sore throat can be caused by an acute cold. However, it could also be in because of inhaling smoke or steam, smoke too much, or exposed to mouth a bacterium that causes inflammation of the larynx. Causing the voice becomes hoarse and raspy. To heal and make the voice became soft and could be in use ingredients: 1 orange juice that has taken the old lime juice, put 1 teaspoon of honey, Gambier or betel nut that has been in puree 1 teaspoon, white water 3 / 4 cup. Stir all the ingredients in, leave overnight and drink during the morning.

Sprain, to treat pain in sprains can use potions from 4-9 cayenne fruit, a little whiting in the milled finely, and then mix in lime juice. Brush and massage the results of these herbs in the pain area.

Refreshes the mouth. To eliminate bad breath, take one teaspoon of lime juice mixed with honey. This mixture will help reduce discomfort in the mouth, in addition to inspiring and refreshing feeling.

That’s some health benefits of lime juice, what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.


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Nice list of lime juice benefits. Thanks for the share. Will make it a habit to have some at least every other day.

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