Foods and Beverages that can Help Quit Smoking

Foods to quit smoking
Foods and beverages that can help quit smoking - Smoking is one unhealthy habit, but many people are still hard to leave. Many chronic diseases can be caused from smoking, like lung cancer and heart attacks.

Actually there are many ways to overcome nicotine addiction, such as taking pills, therapy, meditation and so forth.

But many of us don't know that there are some foods and beverage that can help quit smoking. Here's eight food and beverage to help you quit smoking.

Milk and other dairy products. A study at Dukes University revealed that smokers who drank a glass of milk before smoking is no longer like the taste of their cigarettes.

Milk makes cigarettes taste very bitter and unpleasant. Many smokers who stated that after drinking milk, they no longer enjoy the taste of cigarettes. This is an effective way to reduce cravings for cigarettes. They complained that the cigarette suddenly cause a bitter taste.

Salty foods. Every time you beat the urge to smoke, you have to eat something salty, or lick a little salt with the tip of your tongue. It kills your desire to smoke.

Orange juice. If you want to quickly remove the dependence on cigarettes, try to consume more orange juice. Some fruits such as oranges, lemon, black currant, and pomegranate are the best food for you to try to get rid of nicotine dependence.

stop smoking with foods

 Ginseng. Ginseng has been shown to prevent the release of nicotine induced dopamine neurotransmitter. Should not consume every day, consume 3-4 times a month is enough. In addition, this origin of Korean herbs can help you to lose weight.

Celery. Celery is similar to other vegetables such as beans and cucumbers that also affect the taste of cigarettes. Not only that, celery can also help you to reduce snacking habits.

Chewing gum. Chewing Sugarless gum when you have the urge to smoke is a good way to keep your mouth busy. In addition, the chewing gum also triggers thirst, so you no longer want a cigarette.

Broccoli. Broccoli is a green vegetable that has a wide range of therapeutic properties. Broccoli contains sulforaphane, a substance that may increases the activity of NRF2 gene and protect the lungs from damage by toxins from nicotine.

Foods to avoid when you try to quit smoking

 Just as there are foods that can help you quit, there are also foods that can increase your level of addiction and should be avoided. Certain foods and drinks that cause addiction are red meat, soda, coffee and alcohol. For those of smokers agree that smoking will be more enjoyable if he drank coffee.

So, that's a few tips from me about the foods and beverages that can help quit smoking. Hopefully these tips can be useful and safe free from cigarettes. Please leave your comments below.


Green said...

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Lorraine Nolan said...

orange juice huh? my bf tries to quit smoking and he likes orange juice, i've got to tell him he should drink more of it. thank ou a lot for the article
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jackymiky said...
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