Diet Soda Raise Heart Attacks and Diabetes Risk

diet soda raises diabetes risk
Diet soda may raise heart attacks and diabetes risk - Soft drinks become a favorite of millions of people. The taste is sweet and refreshing have become daily necessities. And soda is more enjoyable if taken during hot weather or after lunch.

However, what happens if you drink soda too often or even every day? These are the four impact to drink soft drinks daily without seeing a particular brand.

How diet soda raises diabetes risk?

Diabetes has had its time - People who drink soda every day have an increased risk of diabetes by two times higher than those who rarely or never drink soda. Lately, researchers performed a meta analysis an in depth look at eleven researches that focused on the sugar drinks and diabetes possibility. This analysis indicated that individuals who drink sugar drinks have a 26% higher risk of diabetes and a 20% greater risk of the metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that increases the risk of heart disorder and type 2 diabetes.

soft drink raises diabetes risk

Add fat - In the United States, a series of scientific studies showed that soft drinks cause obesity or being overweight. Many small children, teenagers and even adults have a body fat due to too often drinking soda.

And how diet soda raises heart attack risk?

Heart attack risk - In addition to diabetes, a person who drank soft drinks every day, in four years had a risk of a heart attack 40 percent higher than the other. Not only that, the bad cholesterol levels also go up due to excessive consumption of soda.

At the latest study, scientists surveyed 2,564 north Manhattan citizens about their eating behaviors, activity habits, as well as smoking and alcohol consumption. The research participants were additionally given physical check-ups that contained blood pressure measurements plus blood tests for cholesterol and additional influences that might affect the possibility for heart attack and stroke.

Suffering from various health problems - Soft drinks not only contain high-sugar levels, but also caffeine. Some experts say, if soft drinks have become part of the "lifestyle", then the effect will be not much different from illegal drugs. As a result do not be surprised if there will be the body's vital organs are malfunctioning.

That explanation of the diet soda may rise heart attacks and diabetes risk. So from this day forwards, increase the consumption of water at least two liters a day. Replace soft drinks with green tea or traditional and natural herbal. Please feel free to leave a comment below.


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