Best Foods to Relieve Abdominal Pain

Foods to Relieve Abdominal Pain
Best Foods to Relieve Abdominal Pain - Is abdominal pain, nausea and other stomach disorders often interfere with your activities? Maybe the doctor just advised to take medication and ask you to wait until the nausea passes. But there is easy way to relieve abdominal pain or nausea, that is with food.

As reported by Health Me Up, there are nine foods that can cope with minor problems in the stomach.
  1. Warm soup can be a solution if you are having problems in the stomach. Soup containing salt water and is great for adding liquids in the body. If you have high blood pressure, reduce the use of salt in the soup.
  2. Banana are known as the fruit that could overcome a stomach ache. Bananas contain potassium you need if you have a lack of fluids due to vomiting or diarrhea. Bananas also contain sugar which can increase energy.
  3. Coconut water also helps relieve abdominal pain. Water content that contains natural sugar calories and electrolyte additives, such as potassium to control blood pressure. In addition, coconut water is natural ingredient.
  4. Rice or starchy foods. White rice, potatoes and wheat can relieve nausea. Carbohydrate foods can aid digestion and has a calming effect of abdominal pain. Foods that contain carbohydrates are not buried in a long time in the body and does not cause acid reflux (back drainage of gastric contents into the esophagus).
  5. Biscuits are easily absorbed by the body and reduce nausea. In fact, doctors recommend eating lots of biscuits for women who experience frequent stomach aches in the morning. As long as you do not have high blood pressure, salty biscuits are preferred to relieve stomach disorders.
  6. Ginger has been known as a way of relieving nausea. You can create your own concoction of ginger. Provide a few slices of ginger, then put in hot tea. Tea may reduce your nausea.
  7. Applesauce can relieve nausea due to easy to digest, treat diarrhea and add calories. Apples contain pectin which is good for the skin and give you the fiber for bowel obstruction.
  8. Bread will not cause acid reflux, so you'll feel better. Serve the bread with butter or jam. Create a menu to reduce nausea in your stomach.
  9. Herbal tea to relieve abdominal pain. Chamomile is most often used for herbal teas because it can cure stomach aches, intestinal inflammation, and as a sleeping pill. However, do not overdo the herbal drink, especially peppermint tea. Beyond its benefits, peppermint may cause increased heartburn symptoms.
So, this is all about best foods to relieve abdominal pain. I hope you enjoy this article and say good bye to abdominal pain disorders. Feel free to leave your comment.


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