Types of Teas and Health Benefits


Types of teas
Types of teas and health benefits - Tradition of drinking tea has become a culture in many countries. It looks like this tea is also difficult to release from everyday life. Aside from being a beverage, tea is as well known to contain substances that are beneficial to health.

Over time, not just black tea is all we know, has many different types of tea such as green tea, peppermint, etc.... Apparently this diverse tea also has benefits and usefulness of each, let's look together.

Types of Teas and Health Benefits

Green tea. This tea is very popular in China and Japan being able to fight cancer. This tea is obtained from the fresh tea leaves that have been heating with steam at high temperatures. Another benefits of green tea to cure body odor and slimming diet.

tea health benefitsWhite Tea. Highest content of antioxidants found in white tea. This type of tea made  from the buds of tea plants. The benefits of white tea can prevent premature aging effects, because the high antioxidants capable of protecting the two proteins that maintain the skin elasticity of elastin and collagen.

Black Tea. This tea can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease such as cholesterol levels, hypertension and stroke by as much as three cups of tea consumed per day. The content contained in black tea such as flavonoids, myricetin kaempfrol and can prevent blood vessel damage caused by oxidation of cholesterol.

Peppermint Tea. Peppermint tea tastes like menthol balm. Very useful for reducing abdominal muscle contractions are increased in the event of irritation of the intestines.

Types of Teas and Health Benefits

Oolong Tea. Perhaps oolong tea from China is not too popular as other types of tea. However, according to the study of this tea can prevent caries, or tooth decay because it contains catechins and antimicrobial compounds. Another addition, in order to present the oolong tea Must Be brewed about 90 to 100 ° C (194 to 212 ° F), also again the brewing vessel should be heated up before pouring in the water.

Those were types of teas and health benefits, may help for you. Please leave a comment below.


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