Best Foods for Bone and Teeth Strength (Tribute to Superman)


Best Foods For Bone and teeth strength
Best Foods For Bone and teeth strength - With the aging, our bones were getting old and frail. However, this cannot be prevented; there is no kind of drug or chemical that can maintain and create bone did not grow old. Growing old does not mean we should leave and do not care for bone health. We can also make bones stay young and healthy, at least not easily fragile even though we stepped on old age.
There are some foods that have the best nutrition for bone’s health, which would keep bones strong and healthy in the long term.

What are the Best Foods For Bone and teeth strength?

Milk. Calcium is the main nutrient most needed by the bones. Adults over the age of 50 years on average require 1000 mg of calcium per day, whereas 50 years and under require 1200 mg of calcium per day (source WebMD). And of course as most people know, milk is the main source of calcium that must be present in our daily menu. Every 35 grams of milk, containing approximately 510 mg of calcium (either skim or low-fat). Staying to adjust your milk needs, choose full cream or low-fat?

Yogurt and Cheese. Other dairy products are not less great is the yoghourt and cheese. Calcium contained in yogurt, and cheese is quite high. In 245 grams of yogurt nearly 50% of them are calcium, while 40 grams of cheese can meet daily calcium needs. It is advisable to consume 40 grams of cheese or 200 grams of yogurt every day to meet calcium needs.

Lemuru fish (Sardinella longiceps). Not many know that the canned sardine which we eat everyday is actually lemuru fish, Sardinella lemuru full name. Calcium content in the fish lemuru very high, these tasty little fish that can help the bones get the nutritional intake. Three fish lemuru comparable to a glass of milk, enough to meet your daily calcium needs.

Chinese cabbage (bok choy) is a kind of mustard that tastes very delicious. It used to call it in our daily lives as ‘cabbage meat' because its leaves are very thick stalks and delicious to eat. Unlike the other cabbage, all parts of bok choy can be enjoyed and not bitter. Presents bok choy as a vegetable dish and enjoy the benefits of their calcium contain.

Soy products (tofu and tempeh). Tofu and tempeh are simple foods to enjoyed by everyone. Made from soy, tofu and tempeh presents a very delicious taste. This two kind of food is probably more popular in Asia, particularly eastern and south-east Asia, but you can just look at your subscription supermarket.

Salmon fish is healthy for the skin, with its omega 3 content is very high, Salmon fish is the most loved by many women. The bonus is that salmon are also rich in calcium, which will help to  prevent osteoporosis in women. Strong bones and beautiful skin are no longer just a dream right?

Nuts and seeds. Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios and whole grains such as flax seeds, sunflower seeds are a complete package that is rich in calcium. Protein, omega 3, potassium and various other nutrients to make them worthy entry in your snack shopping list.

So, that's all my little explanations about the best foods for bone and tooth strength. What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know. For additional information, February 29th is my brother’s birthday. Happy birthday Superman..:D


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