Banana Benefits for Sperm and Increases Fertility


Banana benefits for sperm and increases fertility
Banana benefits for sperm and increases fertility - Did you know that one of the characteristics of healthy sperm is if the number reached 20 million per milliliter of semen? Maximize the quantity of sperm can be done by eating the right nutrition. As we know, there are some foods to increase sex drive and libido.

A urologist from countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore, writes in his journal that eating a banana every three days can improve male fertility. The content of magnesium in it can stimulate the production of more sperm cells.

However, the sex expert also warned that sperm quality is affected not only nutrition but also lifestyle. For the sake of quantity and quality of sperm is excellent, avoid stress, smoking and alcohol consumption. Use of too tight pants and soak in hot water craze is also potentially damaging to sperm quality.

increases sperm and fertility with banana

So this is my brief information about banana benefits for sperm and increases fertility. Maintaining the health of the sperm is essential for the harmony of your wedding. If you are interested, see also my previous article about Foods that Can Lower SexDrive and Libido. What did you think? Please leave your comments and let me know.


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Dario McNut said...

Banana is also reach in antioxidants that can help remove toxins out of your body which is very beneficial to you.
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