Healthy Foods: Mung Beans Nutritional Value and benefits


Mung Beans Nutritional Value
Mung Beans Nutritional Value and benefits - Mung bean or Phaseolus aureus comes from the family of Leguminoseae alias legumes. As a food, the plant can produce a variety of cuisines, ranging from various small snacks, porridge, until the compote.

Mung Beans Nutritional Value and benefits

Besides the taste is savory and delicious, mung bean and sprouts have many of the benefits. Mung bean haves high-protein content and source of important minerals, including calcium and phosphorus. While the fat content is unsaturated fatty acids that are safe for consumption by those who have overweight problems.

Mung bean contains high protein, as much as 24%. In the menu of everyday society, beans are the best alternative source of vegetable protein. Traditionally, pregnant mothers are often advised to consume mung bean that babies who are born to have thick hair.

The growth of body cells, including hair cells requires good nutrition, especially protein and because the mung bean rich in protein, hence the desire to have a thick-haired baby will be realized.

Mung Beans health benefits
Mung Beans Nutritional Value and benefits

The content of calcium and phosphorus in the mung beans are beneficial for strengthening our bones. Mung beans also contain a very low-fat that good for those who want to avoid high-fat consumption. Low-fat content in mung bean causing food or drinks made from mung beans are not easily rancid.

Fat mung beans are composed of 73% unsaturated fatty acids and 27% saturated fatty acids. Generally, beans contain unsaturated fats are high. High unsaturated fat intake is important for maintaining heart health.
Mung bean contains vitamin B1 that is useful for growth. Vitamin B1 was originally known as the anti-beriberi, further demonstrated that vitamin B1 is also useful to help the growth process.

Vitamin B1 deficiency can disrupt the digestive process of food and then be bad for growth. By increasing your intake of foods that contain lots of vitamins B1, such as mung bean, constraints on the growth of the body can be repaired.

By eating the mung beans will help to increase appetite and improve digestive tract, because it indirectly. That role is related to the effect of improving the growth of the body. Research shows that vitamin B1 deficiency causes gastric and intestinal emptying time two times slower to indicate the difficulty of the process of digestion so that food is most likely not be absorbed properly.

Mung Beans as Energy Sources

Mung beans can also be used as an energy source because it contains vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is part of the coenzyme that plays an important role in the oxidation of carbohydrates to convert into energy. Without the vitamin B1, our body will have difficulty in breaking down carbohydrates.

Health Benefits of Mung Beans

Mung bean can maximize the nerve disrupted by oxidation of carbohydrates is inhibited. Research on a group of people who lack sufficient food containing vitamin B1 in a short time the symptoms appear irritable, unable to concentrate, and less vibrant. It's similar to the signs of someone who was distressed.

Mung bean is also contains vitamin B2, which helps the absorption of protein in the body. One theory suggests that vitamin B2 may help the absorption of protein in the body. The presence of vitamin B2 will increase the utilization of protein so that absorption becomes more efficient.

Not inferior to peanut, mung bean sprouts to also have benefits such as:
  • Antioxidants contained in it can help slow the aging process and prevent the spread of cancer cells.
  • The content of vitamin E can help to increase fertility.
  • Very good for keeping the acidity of the stomach and facilitate digestion, because it is alkaline (basic).
  • For beauty, which helps rejuvenate and soften skin, remove black stains on the face, nourish hair and body slimming.

That's all about mung beans nutritional value and benefits for healthy, feel free to leave a comment.


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