5 Nutrients to Boost Your Sex Drive

5 Nutrients to boost your sex drive - Aphrodisiac or sexual stimulant substances have long been used by people around the world to enhance sexual desire. Although there is no scientific evidence of them, but some fruits, herbs and certain foods remain popular.

Although some scientific evidence suggests that the effect of placebo (empty drug or suggestions) are responsible for most of the power of an aphrodisiac, but some foods, beverages, herbs, spices and even certain aroma can actually cause sexual potency in different ways.

Here are three important nutrients that are believed to boost sexual arousal.

Maca root. This plant originally comes from Peru and has been known by many as a natural Vi@gra. In the history of the Incas in Peru, this natural root has been known as a sex-enhancing root. Maca plant is often used by the inhabitants of Peru to improve strength, stamina, energy, fertility and libido.

Oyster. Some people think of oysters as an aphrodisiac because of its shape are considered as resembles of a woman's genitals. But actually oysters contain high zinc (Zn), which can increase sex drive by increasing testosterone production.

Oysters also contain tyrosine, the nutrients that assist in the production of dopamine is known to affect libido.

Asparagus. Asparagus has a high content of vitamin B and is known as folate that can help in increasing the production of histamine. Histamine is a substance essential for a healthy sex in men and women.

Strawberry. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, fiber and water. This fruit can be eaten directly, mixed to salads, juices or desserts. If you want to get a double effect, dip into warm chocolate and enjoy with your lovers.In addition, the red color of strawberries can trigger sexual arousal, especially during foreplay.

Avocado. Derived from the ancient Aztec name, “ahuacatl”, which actually means “testicles” and associated with fertility. Avocado is also considered a super food because it is rich in antioxidants, fiber and good fats.

Unsaturated fat content in avocados and folic acid also helps metabolize protein in the body, thus giving you more energy for sex. These good fats have been associated with decreased risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. So even if avocado is not nutritious for your sex life, health benefits are still there.

So, this is my brief information about Nutrients to boost your sex drive. I hope this article useful for you and your partner. Also please read my previous article about the benefits of bananas to increase fertility, and don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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