Proper Nutrition for Hair Loss problem

Proper Nutrition for Hair Loss problem
Proper Nutrition for Hair Loss problem - Hair loss is a classic problem that is still a scourge for many people. All is not out of the way in hair care or treatment that is not true. Many ways have been adopted to cope with hair loss. However, before you know how to cope with hair loss, you'll want to know what can cause hair loss. 

In general, the average age of a strand of hair ranges from 3-4 years. After that, the hair will start to fall out and new hair will be replaced within 6 months. The use of hair dryer, combing hair, and hot weather, are several factors that also contribute to hair loss. Further research also states that the body that lack of protein tend to experience hair loss compared to the body that get adequate amounts of protein intake. 

So what nutrition to treating hair loss problem?

As part of your body, hair requires adequate nutrition to make it grow healthy. Lack of good nutrition to the hair can cause slowing of hair growth and the effects of hair loss problems. One of the necessary nutrients your hair is protein. Hair structure consists of 97% protein. Thus, lack of protein intake can cause hair loss.
Foods that contain protein will help the development of natural cells in the body, including hair and scalp. Sources of protein can be obtained from foods of animal or vegetable. Chicken, fish, and eggs are examples of animal protein sources that can meet your daily protein needs.  

Poultry and eggs are an excellent choice to cope with hair loss. Beside rich in protein, eggs are also enriched with biotin and vitamin B12, needed for healthy skin, nails and hair. Vitamins are also necessary to strengthen the hair that are not broken easily. 

In addition to intake of protein from animal sources, you can also get vegetable protein. Vegetable protein abundant in legumes such as soy, beans, almonds, and so forth. Not only contain enough protein, these foods may also supply your body with essential vitamins and minerals contained in it. 

Consumption of foods with balanced nutrition and healthy eating will make your hair become healthy, beautiful and radiant. Consume at least 100 grams of protein per day, either from animal or vegetable sources are useful to meet the body's daily requirement of protein and are useful to help overcome the hair loss problem. 

So that was brief information about proper nutrition for Hair Loss problem. With the daily protein needs, your body needs adequate nutrients while helping you to prevent and treat hair loss in a natural way. What do you think?


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Fighting hair loss naturally is the true way to go that leads to faster results. You can rub aloe vera into your scalp daily as well as use various other haircare products like shampoo and gels that contain them. This is probably the wisest thing for you to do since many products for your hair contain very harsh chemicals.

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They say that there is a positive correlation between weight loss and hair loss. If you are trying to loss weight, just make sure that you still get proper nutrients for your body.

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