The Top Foods for Healthy Skin

The top foods for healthy skin - Each person must want to look younger, especially for women. Healthy skin that looks firmer and younger is a dream. To look younger, we actually do not need to do surgery or taking drugs that contain chemical elements that are harmful to the body.

Consuming foods and beverages that are experiencing are most convenient and secure options to get healthy skin young and fresh. Eat foods rich in antioxidants, because the culinary with high antioxidant can help neutralize free radicals, which can ward off wrinkles from sun-damaged skin.

The top five foods for healthy skin

The following is cases of diets that include high antioxidants are able to maintain the youthfulness of our skin:
  1. Green tea is a regular antioxidant. Green tea includes high portions of vitamin C and other vitamins in small amounts though. Therefore, green tea could ward off the attack of free radicals and combat aging of the skin.
  2. Tomato fruit is believed to prevent wrinkles as of the sunlight. Tomatoes comprise Lycopene that is one of the antioxidants and can reduce process-induced premature aging of skin due to frequent exposure to direct sunlight. To get the best benefits, combine extra-virgin oil (which can be obtained at any major supermarket) into the tomato sauce when I want to eat it.
  3. Fish oil is considered as the best solution for skin problems. Select a fish oil supplement from salmon and tuna to make skin look more beautiful. In addition, fish oil is useful for improving skin texture and reducing fine lines, make sure you drink water six to eight glasses per day. Lower your alcohol and instant coffee consumption.
  4. Sunflower seeds are the main source of vitamin E. Has proven especially useful to prevent cell damage from free radicals. This product can be mixed as a cooking ingredient and used directly for naturally healthy skin care.
  5. Blueberry with high vitamin C content can ward off wrinkles on the face and body. It wrapped up with the content of Polyphenols, which are antioxidants to help reduce cell damage from free radicals.
That's some foods for healthy skin, we also talk about super foods for healthy diet before. Please leave your comment.


Deloris Gates said...

Thank you for this great list!
I had no idea tomato was to beneficial for skin. Will eat it every day:)

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