7 Foods that Can Lower Sex Drive and Libido

Foods that Can Lower Sex Drive
7 Foods that Can Lower Sex Drive and Libido - Many things cause decreased sex drive, one of which dietary factors. It's good, you know what kind of food that could interfere with intimacy between husband and wife, as quoted medic magic. However, that does not mean you should avoid sexual activity for smooth. You and your partner can still eat them in moderation and balanced origin with other healthy foods.

Soy is very good for your health. Studies in people showed that the polysaccharide contained in soy can crush postpandrial glucose and triglycerides, and the lower insulin-glucose ratio postpandrial (after eating). However, if consumed too much, kind of nuts and its processed products (tempeh, tofu, milk) have the same effect as licorice, namely trigger testosterone levels to drop.

Licorice is a sweet root crop that is often used as a food ingredient for candy or other sweet foods. Licorice contains phytoestrogens, which can lower testosterone levels. This hormone not only found in men but also in women that trigger sexual drive.

Coriander leaves, ingredients in coriander leaves can also reduce testosterone levels. The leaves are often used as a complementary flavor of this dish, eventually encountered in the typical food of Mexico and Vietnam.

Corn Flakes, you have to know why John Harvey Kellogg created corn flakes that are currently quite popular. He is a doctor at a sanatorium, a hospital to treat patients with chronic disease. Kellogg created corn flakes to reduce sexual desire of the patient.
Foods that Can Lower Libido

Mint is often used as ingredients for candy or liquid breath freshener. The content of mint can also lower testosterone levels and has a negative impact on your sexual desire.

Alcohol, Alcoholic beverages are consumed in excess can also reduce sexual desire. After drinking alcohol, people as well tend to become depressed and headaches. It was true whenever they attacked a number of disorders due to consumption of alcohol. However, with a careful with wise consumption, health and pleasure can we taste at a time. Of course, you also need to avoid dependence on alcohol.

Sweet and fatty foods, too many sweet and fatty foods can close the arterial wall. It inhibits blood flow to the genital area are at risk of decreased sexual desire.

Those were some of the foods that can lower sex drive and libido, if you are interested, please read also some foods to increase sex drive. Always keep your sexual health and hopefully this article can help. Please leave your opinion below.


Daniela Theresa said...

thats right avoid this 7 foods that can lower your libido. low libido cant cause problem to your sex life.

ruwaiz ahmed said...

that's awesome!
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Carla said...

Thanks for sharing. Now I know what foods to avoid, can you share too what foods increase libido? TIA

Joe Dymaxion said...

Eating too much or not working out or consuming a whole lot of unhealthy foods like junk food, bakes, etc., can make you overweight.
Being overweight can compromise on your sexual activity. This is because blood does not flow properly to the organs when blood vessels are constricted (due to body fat). concrete thelastdymaxion website

bruce atherton said...

Make sure to consume everything in moderation. 3-4 times a week workout can be very helpful aside from finding effective foods. independent prosolution review

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