Normalize Blood Pressure During Pregnancy


Normalize Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
Normalize Blood Pressure During Pregnancy - If you have high blood pressure, especially during pregnancy, then it will trigger the occurrence of preeclampsia. The risk of preeclampsia is the worst is the occurrence of seizures or coma in pregnant women can cause maternal and fetal death. In addition to the use of medications that are safe for pregnant women of course there are natural things you can do to normalize blood pressure.

How will blood pressure change in pregnancy?

According to babycentre.co.uk, your blood pressure will change a little over your whole pregnancy. It is exactly normal. The gestation hormone progesterone softens the walls of your blood vessels. It may cause your blood pressure fall during your first and second trimesters (CKS 2006). This lower blood pressure possibly will make you feel faint if you stand for too long or get up quickly.

How to normalize blood pressure during pregnancy

Reduce intake of salt per day, and limit the processed foods such as canned foods, fast foods and salty snacks. Your doctor will tell salt diet to lower blood pressure.

Try massage therapy or reflexology to relieve stress and lower blood pressure, you can also try massage therapy for pregnant women.

Try meditation techniques to reduce stress levels that can normalize blood pressure as well. You can be alone in a quiet place and listen to music while relaxing. Take a deep breath and start practicing simple yoga movements.

Increasing the high-potassium foods like most fruits and vegetables. Try to enjoy oranges, bananas, potatoes, watermelons as a source of potassium. Consult your doctor what foods are rich in potassium.

Try to set it to keep up balance weight during pregnancy of course. Excessive weight gain can lead to blood pressure rises as well.

blood pressure change in pregnancy

Before you are 20 weeks pregnant, provided that you have high blood pressure, this is called essential hypertension. It means you most likely had high blood pressure before you became pregnant (CKS 2006). It's also called pre-existing high blood pressure. You'll simply be known for sure if this issue is a case if your blood pressure continues high since your baby is born.

Other than that there are some foods to avoid during pregnancy, such as sea foods, soft drinks, and of course alcohol. A variety of seafood such as swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tuna must be avoided whenever possible. Also try to not consume the dairy foods and their derivatives without pasteurization, these include milk and cheeses. These foods may contain listeria bacteria is very dangerous.

So this is all about how to normalize blood pressure during pregnancy, keep the health condition of your pregnancy and please leave a comment.


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