How to make banana facial mask for blackheads treatment


banana facial mask
How to make banana facial mask for blackheads treatment  - Blackheads usually arise because the hot air to stimulate more active oil glands. There are two types of blackheads are open comedones or black head in the form of clumps of mass and sebum from a black dot appears on the surface of the skin. 

For this type of blackhead's, there are easier way of handling this. While a closed comedo or white head in the form of clumps of sebum under the skin surface.

Blackheads can be swollen or a pimple if treatment is not performed exactly as pressing or rubbing without seeing the hand hygiene and the tools we use.

How to make banana facial mask?

Actually, not difficult to clean and remove blackheads. We can do treatments such as using a natural mask of fresh fruit. There are many different masks that you can use like a banana mask, mask chestnuts, strawberries and egg whites, cherries and peaches. To make the banana mask for example you can soften the ripe banana supplemented with one teaspoon honey. Apply on areas that get blackheads and let stand for 15 minutes. Make sure the conditions of face that have been cleaned.

banana facial mask for blackheads treatment

To prevent blackheads wash your face every morning and especially at night because of our skin is very easy to absorb. Choose the right product according to skin type. If the blackheads are stubborn too, you can go to the doctor to get the beauty of intensive care.

That was how to make banana facial mask for blackheads treatment at home, hopefully this article useful for your beauty skin. Thank you been reading, and please leave a comment below.


FranckGilbert said...

The banana facial mask is really effective as I have used it after reading this blog. The mask is very easy to make and apply and it is effective from the very first day. I would like to suggest it to the people having blackheads.
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