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types of honey
Kinds and types of honey - Honey is a sticky, sweet fluid produced by bees and other insects from the nectar of flowers. Various kinds of honey are collected by beekeepers and consumed by humans. Honey produced by other bees and insects that have distinctly different properties. However, this time the honey can be made different by way of processing and so on. Let us know some of the following kinds and types of honey.

So, what kinds and types of honey?

Honey Comb/ Honeycomb are honey that still exists in the beehive. This honey is produced in the traditional way of collecting it using wood. Comb honey is the most natural honey, cut it by hand without machines or heated knifes are used to remove it. All the nutrients, flavor and other wonderful properties that honey provides in one container of comb honey.

Crystals Honey is honey with some glucose levels which crystallized spontaneously from a solution of monohydrate. This honey is commonly known as honey powder. Crystallized honey by itself can be restored in a liquid state again by stirring in a container that is placed in warm water at a temperature of 49 degrees centigrade.

Kinds of honey
Pasteurization Honey, honey is heated to pasteurization process that destroys the cells of yeast, and honey will melt any crystals formed. However, using this process must be careful because excessive heating will result in damage to honey, both in terms of appearance, flavor, aroma and color that look darker.

Raw honey is honey that is considered the same as the existing honey in the honeycomb obtained by extraction and appends without heat. Raw honey is minimally processed raw honey is considered as the target of many people to reduce allergic inflammation of the nasal airways.

Strain Honey/ Liquid Honey are produced through a filtration process that removes pollen. This process is usually done by heating the honey around 65-77 degrees Celsius to be able to pass through the core process of filtering. This type of honey is more durable and can be used in long periods of time due to a slower crystallization stage. This type of honey found in many supermarkets and other stores.

Ultrasonic Honey, this honey is produced through the ultrasonic process. When honey is processed in this way than the yeast cells are destroyed and substantially reduce the level of fermentation.

Cream Honey in addition called honey candy is made by a process that aims to slow crystallization. Because in this type of honey contains a large number of small crystals that form.

Dry Honey or Dried Honey is honey that has moisture and extracted from liquid honey to produce honey that is not sticky. This type of honey used as a garnish on desserts.

Honey Comb health benefits

Cut Comb Honey, this honey’s type of comb honey that produced from dipped in liquid honey is extracted. This Honey is usually presented in packaging that contains one or more pieces.

That's some kinds and types of honey in the world and probably many more. The name of this type of honey may be different in each place, so if you find a name different from the type of honey on top, please leave a comment and let me know.


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