The Best Food to Recovery from Bulimia

Food to Recovery from Bulimia
The best food to recovery from bulimia - Bulimia disease similar to anorexia, kinds of eating disorders. If anorexia is loss of appetite then bulimia have a big appetite and excessive, but after that the sufferer spat it out.

Bulimia disease can be triggered by two things, physical and psychological. Physically, the body was no longer able to accommodate certain amounts of food, this is usually due to genetic factors or traumatic.
Psychological factor usually because too much think about it body weight, so they feel the need to regurgitate the food back. Healing period after a person has bulimia must be supported by a full-quality food intake. Here's some food to recovery from bulimia:

Probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria found in food that resembles the healthy bacteria in the body. Probiotics can be useful in the maintenance and restoration of the digestive tract and immune system for those who suffer from bulimia. Sources of probiotics include yogurt and buttermilk, miso fermentation, kefir, sour cream  and sauerkraut. Incorporate probiotics into your diet on a regular basis to reap the optimal benefits.

Carbohydrates. Choose high fiber content of carbohydrates such as red and brown rice, whole wheat bread and sweet. Fiber will restore the digestive organs and the content of vitamin B complex will restore the cells function that accelerate the healing process.

Protein. Choose low-fat animal protein such as fish, lean meats, chicken without skin, egg whites and low fat milk instead of the pure liquid and powder.

Omega 3 fatty acids. Reduce intake of fried foods and milk fat. Consumption the good fats such as fat in avocados and almonds. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fats that cannot be produced in the body. Intake of omega 3 fats can reduce the risk for heart disease, reduce inflammation and improve immune system. Omega 3 fatty acids can be obtained from fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, flaxseed oil, walnuts and walnut oil. Fatty foods also helps the absorption of nutrients, so as to reap the benefits, consuming omega-3 as part of a food's nutritional needs and are highly recommended. The American Heart Association recommends at least two 3-oz. servings of fatty fish per week for optimal health.

So that was a little explanation from me about the best foods to recovery from bulimia. Are these tips helpful for you? Please leave your comments and let me know


Lorena said...

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