Low-Fat Dessert Recipes this Christmas

Low fat Dessert recipes this christmas - One scoop of ice cream, chocolate pudding with a molten fla or cheesecake may be the perfect dessert after your meal on this Christmas. Even so, All the food is certainly not recommended for those of you who are dieting, because the content of sugar and high calories.

However, that does not mean you cannot enjoy dessert after meal on this Christmas. So you will be able to enjoy dessert, just try a dessert recipe below, it's still good and does not make you fat.

Here're some low-fat dessert recipes for your Christmas

Baking fruit, fruit is the most ideal dessert for dieters because of its natural sugar content. If you get bored with fresh fruit, you can serve it with grilled the way first. Baked fruit will taste sweeter and remove liquids such as syrup. So, you do not need to add more sugar. Choose your favorite fruit, like pineapple, peaches, apples or pears. Cut crosswise, and bake for three to five minutes.

low-fat dessert recipes

Frozen Yogurt, types of foods that are popular this could be an alternative to dessert. Even so, you also must be smart in your selection. First, check the nutritional content and calories. The Frozen yogurt that is good for the diet should be no more than 70 calories per serving. Select only fresh fruit for the topping and avoid topping a lot of sugar such as cookies, jelly or syrup.

Smoothies can be a choice for dessert just for dieting, for a mixture made ​​from real fruit and low-fat yogurt. Choose your favorite fruit, fresh or frozen fruit can. Strawberry with mango or blueberries with pineapple could be the right combination for flavor. Put in the blender, add 1 / 2 cup low-fat yogurt and process until smooth.

So, this is all about low-fat dessert recipes, may be useful for you. You can provide this dessert at your Christmas feast this Sunday. f you are interested, please read also about How to Overcome Hypertension with Diet and leave your comments below.


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