Black cumin (habbatussauda) can prevent HIV/ AIDS and diabetes

Some other benefits of black cumin (habbatussauda) can prevent HIV/ AIDS and diabetes. - Black cumin is one of the plants species from northern Africa. This plant is a herbaceous species that can flourish throughout the season. Black cumin is often also called the habbatussauda and the Latin call it nigella sativa.

Previously, i've discussed some of the health benefits of black cumin. However, it turns out the efficacy of black cumin is so much more than we already know. Some other benefits of black cumin are as follows:

  • Strengthen the body's defenses against HIV / AIDS. We need to know that black cumin seed extract is very potential to be developed into drugs for the HIV virus. The content of black cumin seeds can increase CD4 lymphocytes, CD8, IFN gamma and Hepatoprotector. Will thus provide higher immunity against HIV / AIDS. 
  • Hubbatussauda (black cumin) prevent cirrhosis and liver cancer. Consume black cumin in sufficient doses can neutralize the toxic substance called carbon tetrachloride. Carbon tetrachloride can be found in the air and inhaled through the respiratory process. These substances in the body for long periods can lead to respiratory problems, liver and kidney damage and even lead to liver cancer.
  • Black cumin can reduce blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes mellitus. The content of black cumin directly proven to increase the production of insulin in the body. Besides, black cumin also increase the activity of the cells in the pancreas to produce more insulin. 
That some of the benefits of black cumin (hubbatussauda) that you may need to know. In addition it also please read my previous article about the 7 health benefits of black cumin (Hubbatus Sauda). Thank you for reading this article and please leave your comments below.


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