Benefits of Cat's Whiskers to Treat Gout and Kidney Stone

Benefits of cat's whiskers to treat gout
Benefits of cat's whiskers to treat gout and kidney stone- Cat's whiskers is a herbal medicinal plants, this plant has a wet bar upright. Cat's whiskers plant originally from tropical Africa, then spread to Asia and Australia. Cat's whiskers have stamens, with more size and length of flower tube may exceed the lips of flowers. Cat's whiskers (Orthosiphon aristatus) are also known as kidney tea plants / java tea.

According to studies, cat’s whiskers plant can treat various diseases such as rheumatism, cough, rheumatism, colds and constipation, kidney inflammation, kidney stones, diabetes, albuminuria, and the syphilis disease.

 Active compounds contained in the Cat’s Whisker plant; Genkosid orthosifonin, fatty substances, essential oils, fatty oils, saponin, Sapofonin, potassium salt. From the results of a study, Cat’s whiskers leaves contain glycosides orthosiphonin also believed to dissolve uric acid, phosphate and oxalate from the body. Especially of the bladder, gall bladder and kidney.

Benefits of cat's whiskers to treat gout

Uric acid is a purine metabolic waste substances from the food consumed. It also includes the results of the process of cell division in the blood, while the purine is a substance found in every food that comes from living bodies. In other words, in the living body of the presence of purines, because human take it, then purine substances move in to the human body. Purine also resulted from the destruction of body cells that occurs normally or because of certain diseases.

In the treatment of gout, cat's whiskers serve as a solver of uric acid crystals and accelerate the disposal of the body. Normally, uric acid will be released in the body through the stool (feces) and urine. However, because the kidneys are unable to remove uric acid are then led to increased levels in the body. Further excess uric acid will accumulate in the joints, causing pain or swelling.

Benefits of cat's whiskers to treat kidney stone

Benefits of cat's whiskers to treat kidney stone

Cat's whiskers are known for a long time beneficial to overcome urinary tract disorders and kidney stones. Kidney and other urinary tract organs is a secretion of disposal of the remains of the body metabolism. If the organ is compromised, then the process of toxins removing in the body will also be disrupted. One way to overcoming this organ is to eat foods that are laxative urine (diuretic). Diuretic effect of cat's whiskers are also important to treat the kidney stone disease. The high volume of urine will be enough to help the disposal pile of stones in the urinary tract.

Several studies have found that the cat's whiskers are diuretic and can cope with urinary disorders. These plants also contain elements of potassium (k). Potassium serves as a stone-breaker in the treatment of kidney stones and other urinary tract disorders.

So that's a short explanation about the benefits of cat's whiskers to treat gout and kidney stone, may be useful for you. Thank you for visiting this blog, please leave a comment and let me know.


Bono said...

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