Cucumber Tree (Averrhoa Bilimbi) Health Benefits


Cucumber Tree Health Benefit
Cucumber Tree (Averrhoa Bilimbi) Health Benefits - The fruit is famous for its acid flavor, but not only is often used as a spice in cooking only, Cucumber Tree also has efficacy in health. For a long time, Cucumber Tree is eventually used for seasoning dishes like soup, boiled fish, and others. Sometimes it also made sweets candy.

Cucumber tree (avverhoa bilimbi) is a tree native to South-east Asia plant that thrives in the blood that gets a lot of direct sunlight but enough air humidity. Cucumber Tree, including interest or Oxalidaceae familia. Growing up in an area with a height of up to 500 meters above sea level.

This fruit contains a lot of chemical constituents such as saponins, tannins, glucoside, calcium oxalate, sulfur, peroxide, and potassium citrate. Cucumber Tree useful as anti-inflammatory because it contains flavones. In addition, potassium launched to discharge of urine (diuretic) that can lower blood pressure. Averrhoa bilimbi is also capable of removing phlegm and reduce heat.

For a long time, cucumber tree is often used to treat high blood pressure and treating canker sores. Nothing wrong if you plant in your backyard. Moreover, maintenance is relatively easy.

Part of this plant is commonly used fruit, stems, leaves and flowers. The fourth section contains many compounds are efficacious. Among them are saponins, tannins, glucosides, to calcium.

Multiple Cucumber Tree (Averrhoa bilimbi) for health benefits

Cope with whooping cough. 10 pieces of cucumber tree is washed, crushed and add two tablespoons of salt water. Strain and drink twice a day.

Overcoming the pain of cavities. 5 pieces of Cucumber Tree chewed with a little salt, then stuffed in a hollow tooth.

To cure rheumatism. One ounce of Cucumber Tree leaves, 15 peppercorns, cloves 10 seeds, finely ground. Add white vinegar to taste until it resembles porridge and dab on a sore spot.

Overcoming Acne. Take the fruit and Cucumber Tree taste finely ground. Potions squeezed with salt to taste and used to rub the face with acne.

Averrhoa Bilimbi Health Benefit
cucumber tree health benefits

Treat tinea versicolor. 10 pieces of Cucumber Tree washed and then mash until smooth. Add a little whiting, kneaded until smooth. Herb used to rub the affected skin twice daily phlegm.

Treat mumps. Ten twigs and leaves Cucumber Tree plus four grains of red onion until finely ground. Then the concoction smeared on a sore spot.

Eliminates cough, mixed a handful of Cucumber Tree flowers and pegaga juice that has been crushed, red onions 2 seeds and 1 stick of cinnamon bark of the little finger. Then boiled and filtered water was boiled. Then drink by mixing a little honey three times a day.

Lower High blood pressure. For those who suffer from diseases like high blood pressure, pick three Cucumber Tree fruit seeds. Cut into small pieces and boiled. Drinking boiled water after breakfast every day.

For babies who attacked jaundice also bathed with Cucumber Tree leaves boiled water to ease it. Those were some of the cucumber tree health benefits, may be an alternative treatment for your health. Please leave your comments below.


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