Benefits of Carrots to Lower Cholesterol Levels and Hypertension

carrots lower cholesterol levels
Benefits of carrots to lower cholesterol levels and hypertension - It seems we all already know the benefits of the first crop of carrots. Yes, we all know that carrots are very good for eye health. Nevertheless, there are still many other properties of carrots. Want to know what? Let's see.

Prevent high-cholesterol levels. For those of us who have excessive cholesterol, you should try to eat carrots because carrots can lower blood cholesterol levels. Carrots also contain water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins (beta carotene, B1, and C) and Asparagine. Beta Carotene has benefits as anti-oxidants that maintain health and prevent aging process.

Additionally, Beta Carotene can prevent and suppress the growth of cancer cells. Eating carrots which contain beta-carotene has been associated with decreased risk of some cancers, especially lung cancer. Researchers in England found that increased consumption of beta-carotene from 1.7 to 2.7 milligrams a day reduces the risk of lung cancer more than 40 percent. Average carrot contains about three milligrams of beta-carotene. In one study, researchers found that eating fiber-rich carrots reduce the risk of colon cancer as much as 24 percent. Another study also showed that women who eat raw carrots 5-8 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who do not eat carrots. 

benefits of carrots for hypertension
benefits of carrots to lower cholesterol levels and hypertension
Prevent stroke. A study showed that eating carrots at least five times a week can reduce the risk of stroke. Efficacy as an anti-stroke is also caused by the activity of beta carotene to prevent the occurrence of plaque or cholesterol deposits in blood vessels. Beta carotene is the pigment most active, when compared with alpha and gamma-carotene.

health benefits of carrots
Carrots can also treat hypertension; you can make juice and drunk regularly three times a day for hypertension. Carrots are as well good to meet calcium needs in the body, serves the needs of antioxidants, enhances immunity and smooth the skin. One again, carrot juice can also cope with skin disorders such as acne, abscess and dry skin. 

So that's all about benefits of carrots to lower cholesterol levels and hypertension. From this day forwards take a look at the consumption of carrots regularly. Please leave your comments and let me know.


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