Healthy Fruit: Dragon fruit health benefits

Dragon fruit health benefitsDragon fruit health benefits - although the plant is now easily found, but not many people understand the benefits of dragon fruit. The profile is unique and different from other fruits. During its development, the presence of the dragon fruit is also often incised variety of other roles.

Ancient China Society considers the dragon fruit is more than just fruit with a variety of benefits. Fruit with skin that resembles large snake scales is often a companion of the two statues on the altar table offerings. Every Lunar New Year celebration this fruit is also served, and became one of the required presentations because it is believed to bring blessings.

in his native Mexico, dragon fruit is only used as an ornamental plant. After being taken to Vietnam, a dragon fruit plant widely cultivated before it eventually evolved into the Southeast Asian country.

Dragon fruit in Vietnam is often called Thanh Long or clever dragon while the Chinese call the Long Feuy Kwa. In the area of ​​Mexico, dragon fruit comes with the title Pitahaya.

Dragon fruit has a light skin color. Skin is not smooth, but covered with scales that looked like a snake or dragon. The contents of the fruit are white, red or purple with a sprinkling of black seeds. Texture it as sweet basil taste likes kiwi fruit.

Health benefits of dragon fruit

Complete nutrition of dragon fruit:

Sugar content: 13-18 briks
Water: 90%
Carbohydrates: 11.5 g
Acid: 0.139 g
Protein: 0.53 g
Fiber: 0.71 g
Calcium: 134.5 mg
Phosphorus: 8.7 mg
Magnesium: 60.4 mg
Vitamin C: 9.4 mg

Some benefits of dragon fruit for health and beauty

Maintain blood circulation

Dragon fruit is also very good for the circulatory system. The fruit is very effective for reducing emotional stress and neutralize toxins in the blood. Dragon fruit contains 80 percent water, vitamin C, fiber, calcium, iron, and phosphorus is useful for overcoming high blood diseases.

Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

By eating a red dragon fruit (250 grams) every morning and evening for eight consecutive days will lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. During eating dragon fruit should stop eating rice sufferers because rice is a source of sugar for diabetics.

Inhibiting Growth of Tumor Cells 

Savor the dragon tree is not with the fruit alone but on leaves and fruit skin. Rosario Vargas sols results of the Laboratorio de investigation de Fitofarmacologia Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Xochimilco Mexico showed that the chloroform extracts of leaves of white fleshed dragon fruit contains compounds taraxast pentacyclic triterpene-20-ene-3a-ol and taraxast-12, 20 (30)-dien- 3a-ol. Both compounds were shown to protect the flexibility of blood vessels of rabbits. Researchers estimate the efficacy of both compounds were almost equal troxerutin one micro vascular protective drug on the market. The drug was beneficial to reduce the risk of rupture of blood vessels.

The results of in vitro assays conducted Wu Li-chen, a researcher Department of Applied Chemistry, National Chi Nan University showed that extracts of red-fleshed dragon fruit skin could potentially inhibit the growth of B16F10 tumor cells at doses of 25 grams.

Lowering blood cholesterol levels

The other dragon fruit health benefit is to lowering cholesterol levels. Content and the dragon fruit which reaches 0.7 to 0.9 grams in each gram is also very useful in the digestive system and lowers cholesterol levels.

Smooth Skin

According to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yusuf, experts of traditional Chinese's medicine, in Chinese's culture the dragon fruit is believed to smooth the skin look more beautiful, but it is not used to treat deadly diseases such as cancer or heart disease. Dragon fruit also can combat the Scurvy because it is cool.
Benefits of dragon fruit juice

That's some of the dragon fruit health benefits. If you want to avoid the various diseases, there is no harm if you eat a dragon fruit from now.


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